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Accounting Tutorials

    ** To input your actual data, create BeginYear in [BaseData/Year Manager]
  1. Register accounts in [BaseData/Account Manager] - You can register additional accounts whenever necessary, anytime.
    1. register your deposits in 101~299
    2. register your credit cards in 300~399
    3. register receipt items( salaries, bonus, etc) in 400~499
    4. register disbursment items( utilities, taxes, etc) in 500~999
    ** input openning balances in [BaseData/Prior balances] - You can do this anytime later.
  2. make entries in cashbook
    1. According to how to influence the \"net cash\" in [cash+deposits-cards=net cash], a transaction is treated as follow:
      • increase : 1. In (Incoming).
      • decrease : 2. Out (Outgoing).
      • no change : 3. Tran (Transfer).
    2. Every transaction always influences two items. Thus you must always input both of Debit and Credit for every transaction:
        debit entries credit entries
        cash,deposts increases cash,deposits decreases
        cards decreases cards increases
        Outgoings increases Incomings increases

- Alfred S. H. Lee -