Best 16-Key Typing
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Why are we obsessed with 12-key? Can't we work with 16-key? Here is the answer. The 16-key introduced here is as fast as the computer typing under two-hand striking on smartphones, and has an affordable speed under one-hand striking on tablet.
You can directly edit the keys arrangement to create your own version, which can be distributed with your name carved. Hurry up and be the first to make your country's language version.
    (Method to input a letter, as of 1st way)
  • First letters : 1 strike the key
  • Second letters : double-click the key
  • To switch between upper and lower case : 1 strike [alt] key

  • Vowels are separately located on the right.
  • 'blank', usable instead of 'Space', is included inside 16 keys.
  • More frequent letters are located first.
    • Over 85% frequencies of letters are located at first places.
  • It is designed to be optimum under double-hand striking. .
  • It is convenient to input frequent combinations of letters - th,sh,nd,nt,an,er,tion,etc.
  • can quickly change small case to upper case by [alt] key.

Program download : V 1.0        V 1.1        V 1.2        V 1.2.1        V 1.3        (Update history)

- Alfred S. H. Lee -