Best 16-Key Typing
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V 1.3 help revised latest
Method to input a letter
  • Method1
    • First letters : 1 strike the key
    • Second letters : double-click the key
    • To switch between upper and lower case : 1 strike [alt] key
  • Method2
    • First letters : 1 strike the key
    • Second letters : 2 strike the key
    • In case of 'rr','oo',etc : 1 strike [alt] key in between
    • To switch between upper and lower case : 2 strike [alt] key
  • (Comment) :
    Method2 is free from the burden to strike fast, but method1 is faster if mastered. Under method1, if time-gap is extended enough then the burden of double_click disappears. In this case, to input 'rr','oo',etc., in between you can two click [alt]key or one click [->]key, the former of which is not recommended because fast typing causes fast double click and so causes unexpectedly changing the case of keyboard. This method is called [modified method 1].
use Alt as Caps Lock
To double-click [Alt] key is to transfer between capital keys and small-letter keys in both of Method1 including modified method1 and Method2. This double-clicking is not influenced by below time-gap customization and is faster(15) than default(25). So you need to double-click faster. CapsLock key(under Special key) is also available to transfer between capital keys and small keys, .

  • Arrangement1
    • alphabetical order
  • Arrangement2
    • Vowels are separately located on the right.
    • More frequent letters are located ahead.
    • trying to keep alphabetical order given above two constraints
  • Arrangement3 <=== default
    • Vowels are separately located on the right.
    • More frequent letters are located first
      • Over 85% frequencies of letters are located at first places
    • It is designed to be optimum under double-hand striking.
      • Under double-hand striking, left two side keys are to be pressed by left hand, right two side keys by right hand
    • The consonants are arranged to input smoothly continuous consonants as follows :
      • To input smoothly 'th','sh','wh','ch','gh','ph', 'h' is on the center and others surround it.
      • To input smoothly 'nd','nt','ng', they are close to each other or located at the other side.
    • The most frequent consonants - t, n, s , r - are located on left, and m is close to n.
    • The most frequent combinations of vowels and consonants - an,in,er,on,ed,ha at,en es,of,tion - are located at the other side or close to each other.
  • (Comment) :
    While arrangement2 tries to keep alphabetical order as far as satisfying two constraints, arrangement3 ignores the order and only tries to speed up
Menu keys
The 16-key, together with these 2 menu keys, can accommodate all PC keys and more, fast and effectively.
  • First key : to transfer between letter mode and number mode.
  • Second key : One click for symbol keys. Two click for special keys like movement, control and function keys. To return to the previous state, press First key.
  • Transferring to other language can be added to first key. Every mode can be reached within two click.
Additional keys
There are 4 additional keys - left, right, backspace and another is reserved for future use, OS or Apps. While there is not [alt]key like symbol mode, you can use reserved key or [->] instead of [alt] key. From version 1.3, reserved key is utilized to input additional letters in Pendent editor.

time gap
You can customize the time gap for double-click.

screen for tablet - depreciated from v 1.3
Here you can try various combinations of keyboard for tablet. You can also personally arrange symbol, movement keys, function keys, and other special keys via Key Editor.

You can practice typing on [Game] menu.
  • start/stop : start or stop the game
  • 1/2/3/4 letters etc : select how many letters or sentence.
  • sound 1/2/no : select sound after you type correctly.
Key Editor
By pressing [Help/key editor] menu, you can directly change or create the keys arrangement.

Pendent Editor
Here you can configure to input additional letters not included in key editor. This is basically for inputting associable pendent letters like diacritic letters, but can be utilized for inputting many letters without limit. You input a group of letters separated by comma(,) - aá,eéèë,uúü. In each group the first letter is a leading letter and the others are pendent letters. The leading letters must be included in key editor. Then if you input a leading letter in 16 keys, its pendent letters are displayed in the 3th menu key(reserved key) one by one. If you click the key, the letter is written on the text screen and the next pendent letter orderly appears if any.