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For word prediction or spelling error check, you can utilize Word Prediction.
For inputting Chinese, Hanja, you can utilize Dictionary.
You can download the following from Amazon app store, Google play store, or Samsung Galaxy apps.

B16x2 Arabic Prediction
B16x2 Czech Prediction
B16x2 English Prediction - can see meaning of word, too
B16x2 French Prediction
B16x2 German Prediction
B16x2 Hindi Prediction
B16x2 Indonesian Prediction
B16x2 Italian Prediction
B16x2 Japanese Prediction - can input Kanji, too
B16x2 Portuguese Prediction
B16x2 Russian Prediction
B16x2 Spanish Prediction
B16x2 Word Prediction - worldwide edition without its own dictionary DB

B16x2 Chinese Dictionary
B16x2 Hanja Dictionary