B16x2 Keyboard
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B16x2 vs QWERTY

Qwerty is a mortal obstacle blocking smartphone progress now. Mobile needs its own keyboard. B16x2 Keyboard is it. It is far superior on 2-thumb typing and never inferior on even 10-finger typing.

Relative to B16 Keyboard, qwerty has two advantages - one tapping for every letter and superiority on 10-finger typing. Relative to B16x2 Keyboard, however, qwerty has no scientific merits at all. From now on, however infinite social supports QWERTY receives, it is meaningless (0 x ∞ = 0).

B16 qwerty B16x2 qwerty
Scientific      98 2 100 0
x x x x
Social 1 1 ← easily operated by IT or other powers
---- ---- ---- ----
Total 98 <      ==>      100 > 0