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B16x2 Keyboard for sale

B16x2 Keyboard is destined to replace qwerty from mobile to desktop. It has found out the optimization for human hand structure. To realize its benefit to mankind, it is looking for the very new owner.

  • Objects for sale : all products and rights including B16x2 Keyboard, B16 Keyboard, all each language Predictions and Dictionaries, and all each language arrangements and all other proprietary things belonging to them.

  • Merits : Qwerty is a mortal obstacle blocking smartphone progress now. Mobile needs its own keyboard. B16x2 Keyboard is it. It is far superior on 2-thumb typing and never inferior on even 10-finger typing. From now on, however infinite social supports QWERTY receives, it is meaningless (0 x ∞ = 0).

  • Legal issues : Our products and rights are legally and conscientiously perfect. We will give every help and go through every necessary legal procedure as you want so that you can completely digest the products and rights. More..

  • Selling price : 65 million US dollars + 3% of its contributions

  • Contact : bestcashbook@gmail.com - To prevent any misunderstandings or wrongdoings, contact is only allowed via the email until an appointment is made. This way is the most efficient and takes no costs. Any other approaches and efforts are only a waste of time and even make things worse.

  • Attention : You should be eligible and official. Otherwise you might be maltreated while we have coped with a variety of wrongdoings by scums around us over the past 18 years.

- Alfred S. H. Lee -